Digital Pen & Paper

Sharp MX-20311N

Digital Pen solutions look, work and feel just like any other pen. A Digital Pen will capture handwriting and drawings from paper forms and notes.

The digital pen works together with normal paper overprinted with a dot pattern and captures the pen strokes with a tiny camera. Each difital pen can provide handheld data capture for up to 200 A4 pages of writing. The the data can be uploaded to a computer using a docking station or via a bluetooth enabled mobile device.

The electronic data capture system provides the user with an exact image of the document. It can also translate the handwriting to text which can then be edited using a computer.

It is low cost, simple to use, reliable and, if used in conjunction with a mobile phone, can send data back to the office in no time at all.

Digital pen and paper Solutions can be developed and deployed quickly. Training requirements are very low because form completion is a familiar and natural process. After all it is still just a pen.

If your company is using lots of paper froms, have people out of the office, have to post forms and other documents, the digital pen could be the solution you need.

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