Electronic Document Management Systems

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In order to function effectively all enterprises require some sort of formalised system by which to store, organise, retrieve and process electronic documents. While some enterprises continue to rely on paper-based document management systems, it is almost always easier and more reliable to use EDMS.

ParkWood offer a range of Solutions and Systems, helping you to keep track of your document files using a top-quality document management system.

The main functions of an EDMS are :-

Data Capture

Paper documents can be entered into the EDMS simply by scanning them. The EDMS can also capture electronic documents sent to a user via email aided by storage information provided by the user.

Document Retrieval

Individual electronic documents are assigned metadata to assist in their correct filing and tracking. Metadata typically includes the date of storage and the identity of the user storing it.

In addition to these basic details, EDM systems attach additional data to allow users to locate documents quickly using keyword searches. Documents must be indexed correctly to ensure that retrieval is possible.


EDM systems enable the automatic routing of documents to the user responsible for working on them. Enterprises rely on documents to be processed efficiently through a step-by-step process. Unfortunately, when documents are manually pushed through this process there is the risk that they can be lost or overlooked.

Workflow applications ensure that documents are forwarded to the appropriate user automatically at specified times, alerting the user of the necessity to process them. This system ensures the smooth flow of documents through the enterprise.

Version Control

An integral part of the EDMS software is the ability to track and manage multiple versions of the same information. In order to correctly manage the ongoing development of digital data it is necessary to create and correctly store multiple versions of data as it progresses through the system.


In order to make best use of documents, EDM systems often standardise access to other applications, enabling data to be easily transferred between the EDMS and applications such as word-processors and e-mail.


In any enterprise it is vital that the security of electronic documents is appropriately managed. EDM systems ensure that access to the system is restricted only to those with the correct access permissions, both to ensure the integrity of data and to reduce the number of documents presented to the user only to those documents that are relevant to his or her role.

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